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A New Concept in Harvesting

• Novel Design • More Functions • Lower Price

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• Cut and process wheat straw in one pass.

• Leave a clean field, ready to plough

• Finely broken high density straw - ideal for animal feed.

• Crops harvested: wheat, barley, rice, ameranthus, lentils, etc.

• Processed straw and Clean grain is collected in bags for ease of handling.

• Can be transported within the width of the tractor, ideal on narrow lanes, etc.

• Tractor mounted or drawn, and designed for easy maintenance.

• Excellent value for money.

• No baler and straw shredder are needed.

• All these savings with a price of 1/10 of a Combine Harvester.

• Can be used for stationary threshing - versatility which provides maximum return on investment.
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